SWS Fastpitch

2023 SWS League


Before you begin....SWS Fastpitch Registration Information

Welcome to the SWS Fastpitch  League Registration for Spring/Summer 2023.   This registration session is  for Inhouse and Travel  teams that play at a Tournament B/C level only.  No USA/PGF/USSSA A level teams are allowed.   The Travel Division is intended for advanced B level teams while Inhouse is designed for intermediate and beginner B/C level teams.  We intend to offer separate  Travel and Inhouse Divisions  with age groups from 10U through 18U, provided there is a minimum of six registrants per age group in each Division.   Odd age groups will be combined with the even age groups (9/10, 11/12, 13/14 and 15/16/17/18) if necessary. 

Format:  9U through 12U  will have 15 to 20 regular season games with a season ending double elimination tournament for each age group.  13U and above high school age teams will play a 12 to 16 game schedule since those teams will not begin play until late May or early June.  Tournaments will be held late June/early July for the Travel Division.  Inhouse Division will be held throughout July.  


Before you register, please review the following information:

1. This is a roster controlled league that requires official rosters at all times.  Players are restricted to their age groups only.  Birth certificates will be collected to verify age.   Teams will be held responsible to roster their players appropriately and will be subject to audits.  Rosters must be submitted during registration utilizing the template as directed. 

2. All teams must provide proof of insurance with SWS listed as additionally insured.

3. All teams must provide home fields and umpires at their expense  to host all regular season home games.  SWS will host and cover all expenses for the year end playoffs.

4. All game scheduling, results and standings are managed by the SWS commissioners.   

5. Registration fees will be assessed $325 per team and must be paid online during registration.

If you need more information before continuing with registration, please email us at SWS  Registration.


Documentation required

To prepare for registration, you will need the following documents to upload online before you proceed.  Please prepare these documents before starting registration; you will not be able to pause and resume your registration once it is started.   

+ Roster:  download and complete the template provided below before you proceed.   You will upload this form during registration.

+ Home game dates:  download and complete the template provided below before you proceed.   You will upload this form during registration.

+ Insurance:  scan your insurance document  into PDF file for uploading.  MAKE SURE THE INSURANCE IS IN EFFECT FOR 2023.

+ Birth Certificates:   Scan and upload pdf files of all player's birth certificates.

 Note:  There is a file size limit for uploaded files.  Please divide team and submit 2 or 3 files with no more than six players per file.


Contact SWS if you are unable to submit some or all of the documents during registration.


Click on links below to download templates.


Full refunds will be issued only if SWS cannot offer division play due to low participation or other unforeseen circumstances.  If a team withdrawals before season play begins, SWS will issue a refund less administrative fees.  No refunds for teams that withdraw after schedules are completed and season play begins. 


Please direct questions to:  SWS  Registration